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7"or 9" Industrial Glass Thermometer
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Product Name: JWU-B Industrial Glass Thermometer

Model Number:JWU-B               Supply Ability: 5,000 pcs/month

7"or 9" Industrial Glass Thermometer

9" Or 7" Industrial Glass Thermometer (JWU-B)

The specifications of this kind of thermometers are almost the same as JWU-A, but they cannot be rotated freely. The difference is that  it can measure both substance's temperature and pressure. So, it is used widely in foodstuff, pharmacy, and chemical industry. This kind of thermometer is composed of three parts , case, stem, and glass insert. Its structure and dimensions are as follows:
Specifications :

1) Upper part
Material of casing: 7"or 9" Aluminum or flame Retarding ABS Resin

2) Glass insert

Material : Red-reading mercury filled prismatic glass tube

Fillings: Red, blue, green organic liquid ( when the temperature within -

40~300 ºF /-40~150 ºC ) or Mercury (when the temperature is above 400 ºF/

200 ºC)  

Temperature Range:

-40~110 ºF/-40+45 ºC ,0~120 ºF/-15+50 ºC ,0~160 ºF/-15+70 ºC 

30~180 ºF/0+80 ºC , 30~240 ºF/0+120 ºC, 30~300 ºF/0+150 ºC,

50~400 ºF/10+200 ºC, 50~550 ºF/10+280 ºC, 50~750 ºF/10+400 ºC,

Scale division: 2.0 ºF / ºC, 1.0 ºF / ºC  5.0º F/º C, 10.0º F/º C


3) Stem

Length of stem: 3-1/2", 6", 9", 12"

Material: Aluminum, brass, or Stainless Steel

Thread of the stem: 3/4", 1" ,M27 x 2 or above

Material of thermowell: Brass, SS304 stainless steel ,SS316 stainless


Thread of the thermowell : 1-1/4"

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